Sunday, September 28, 2014


                     A.  In my opinion, I do agree with using the method of incentives. Incentives work to motivating people so they can gain a reward.  We watched many documentaries on how incentives work and how they make people work harder so they can retrieve that reward.  After all the good arguments the clips made, I have the same opinion that incentives are a great way to make someone do something.  Incentives govern human behaviors in many different ways.  They motivate people to work harder if there is a reward they will receive for their efforts.  People are also more likely to get something done if they are given an incentive.  The best incentive to motivate people is money.  The reason for this being that money is a huge part of our lives.  You need money to buy food, shelter, clothes, and other necessities.  Everyone needs money, and it seems to be the best way to make a person do something for you and motivate them.
                      B.  Additionally, an aesthetic experience I have had would be the time I went to a So You Think You Can Dance show.  Back when I danced, it consumed most of my time and sometimes I wanted to quit for it was taking over my social life.  Watching these stars on stage made me keep competing and going to practice every night because I wanted to be just like them someday, fulfilling my dreams.  While in the audience it I was "fully alive" as Robinson states.  I was using all my senses and very engaged in the show.  That night affected me because it made me realize that dance was my passion and I needed to stick with it and keep going.

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