Sunday, September 21, 2014

High Schools Sports

               High school sports are necessary to getting the full high school experience.  Do you think your child would get more out of school if sports did not exist?  In my opinion, I think high school sports are a great way for teenagers to stay in school, learn to be supportive and respectful of peers, and to stay active so they live a healthier lifestyle.  In the article, The Case Against High-School Sports, the author Amanda Ripley, disagrees with my point of view and thinks teens everywhere would do better in school if sports did not exist.  Being a student myself, I know of a lot of students who come to school each day just to pass their classes so they can play a sport.  The article TrueSport also sees the benefits of sports: "Data show that high school students who play sports  are less likely to drop out.48 Participation in sports also has been associated with completing more years of education49 and consistently higher grades in school.50 " This is a proven fact that more teenagers not only stay in school but also get higher grades.

               Initially, Ripley does make a good point that: "There's been a definite decline in misbehavior." (Pg. 76)  I believe that this may have just been a coincidence because she fails to remember that sports teach a lot of lessons.  Coaches train athletes to behave, respect one another, and work together.  Jason Gilmer mentions in his article: “Participating in sports helps with discipline and self-control and to keep them out of trouble. We’re not out here just teaching these kids some silly game.”  I play sports, so I have the "inside scoop" on this subject.  Playing sports teaches you so many things, from learning the rules of the game to learning to support your teammates.  Whether on the court (field, mat, etc.) or off, you use those skills.  Coaches help you gain much self-discipline and and control and you learn  how to behave appropriately. 

               Subsequently, Ripley doesn't seem to consider how much time school takes up.  After school, sports are a great way to relieve stress and get active.  Kids who do not do a high school sport may find it hard to fit in an activity that works into their tight schedule.  TrueSport tell us about the things that could happen if you do not participate in a sport: “Playing sports also conveys other beneficial outcomes: Girls and young women engaged in sport are less likely to be overweight or obese, depressed, smoke, use illicit drugs, or have unwanted teen pregnancies. This may possibly be related to the goal of maximizing athletic performance or the goal of protecting sport eligibility or scholarships.16 Suicide and sexual victimization  is also lower in girls and young women engaged in sport.”  It would be very possible to become obese if you are getting zero exercise, and your health will slowly decrease.  Overall, high school sports bring happiness to teenagers all over the world and also have many other benefits.  I think Amanda Ripley was wrong for saying that high school sports should be banned because as we can see now, they are much more than just games we play for fun.


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~The quote I used from this site, the author Jason Gilmer was quoting  a football coach in Guilford County, Tommy Pursley.

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  1. Tara, you made nice points that I didn't even pick up on. Good job.