Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Pet Peeves

Empty Boxes- One morning you wake up and you're craving your favorite cereal.  You open the door to the pantry and grab the box, but to your disappointment the box is empty! If you have finished something please throw the box out, it is not that hard!

Feet- I absolutely can not stand feet! Please do not put your crusty, dirty, trash-smelling feet anywhere near me, and definitely do not touch me with them!  If you happen to touch me with them I might have to punt you all the way Africa.

Parents and Instagram- When you are trying to show your parents a picture on instagram and they try to zoom in on it. No, you will never be able to zoom in on a picture! To make the matter worse, they end up liking a picture you did not want to like.

Board Erasing- I find it so aggravating when teachers do not erase the board completely.  They just leave like one or two letters on the board and then continue teaching the lesson and writing over the marks.  Please erase all of the white board before you begin teaching again.

Snapchat MyStory-  If your snapchat mystory is longer than ten seconds you need to reevaluate yourself.  I am sorry but no one really cares about what your doing or who you are with.  The only reason people view your story is to make your little notification go away.

Food- I hate when people talk about their food.  I do not want to hear about how great your food is every bit that you take. I especially hate when they use the adjective "delicious". I do not know why, but that word just makes me cringe, just eat your food and be quiet.


  1. i agree with you 100% on #2. My sister always tries and annoy me by putting her feet on me like..no. its so bad

  2. I agree with 1,3 and 4. It's definitely the absolute worst when your parents double click on the instagram picture and accidentally like it, there's no going back from there.

  3. The snapchat story one! I hate when people's stories are like 150 seconds long!