Tuesday, October 7, 2014


                  I did my interview with John Munger and learned a lot about him.  The first question I asked was: "If you had one wish what would you use it on?" After he thought long and hard on this tough question he came to a conclusion, "My dad" he exclaimed "for him to live back at home instead of living in Virginia for work and only coming home on the weekends."  When I asked John what he likes to do in his spare time he replies with:  "I like to watch TV or hang out with friends." His favorite TV show at the moment is How I Met Your Mother but his all time favorite show would have to be The Office.  I then asked John what his full name was, "My full name is John Kenneth Munger."  His first name came from his uncle and his middle name is from his father.  If you ask John what the best day of his life was he would tell you: "The day I hit my first homerun."  This amazing day was when he was twelve years old.  John has only broken one bone in his lifetime, "Broke my pinkie last year" he said "I was sliding down an enormous hill in my neighborhood with my brother going head first and things just went downhill from there."  His favorite type of movie:  "Either action or comedy."  His favorite movie ever is Borat.  John has lived in Norton his whole life just not the same house, "I have always lived in Norton but I used to live over by the yellow Dunkin Donuts when I was younger."  His thoughts on sports are all positive, "I love them" John tells me "My favorite sport to watch is either hockey or football and my favorite sport to play is tennis."  Next, I asked him what the weirdest thing he has seen is.  I was not prepared for this answer: "In New York City a hobo was pooping in a box on the subway."  If John could have dinner with any celebrity dead or alive "I have two people in mind" he says "either Hugh Jackman or Will Ferrell."  John also has no pets, "allergic to dogs and cats" he exclaimed "and do not want to have to deal with caring for them anyways."  Overall, I know a lot more about John after having this interview.


  1. John Munger is a gentleman, and a scholar. He is an outstanding man, who is distinguished in his community and carries himself with integrity, and honor. I enjoy him more than I need oxygen and I'm glad we share the same interest in John Munger.

  2. I also enjoy comedy movies, just like John.